Saturday, May 1, 2010

MFJ-941 Versa Tuner II

MFJ-941 Versa Tuner II in good used condition. Guaranteed to work as it should.
Nice condition MFJ-941 300 WATT VERSA ANTENNA TUNER II. It indicates 30 watts for low power and 300 watts for hight power on the meter. It will tune long wire, balanced line and coax feeds. It will switch two antennas. It uses a switched inductor and does not have a roller inductor. It has a toggle switch to change between forward and reverse SWR.

$75 shipped. Guaranteed.
Michelle Ress N6DGZ

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Virus Warning

Yesterday one of our Windows computers got a virus called

antivirus soft

you can google it to read all about it, you don't want it.

it takes over your computer including your browser and plasters you with

warnings that you've got a virus and wants you to buy their software to get rid of it. has instructions for removing it which requires downloading two programs

they have listed at the bottom of the article under Resources

and can do it with just those two programs.
link to article
You don't need to do the safe mode part if you can manage to download the two necessary files to an external drive on another computer or with another account on the same computer

the files are: Rkill

and Malwarebytes' Anti-malware

running those two files got our computer back. We downloaded them to a usb drive

with another computer then ran them on the infected computer.

Microsoft Security Suite did nothing to stop this virus so I uninstalled it and switched

to the free version of avg.

Here's my advice before you get a virus.

1.make sure your backup/restore feature is activated and you have good restore points.
ours wasn't as this was a new asus netbook and we "assumed" backup/restore was running, it was turned off.

2. make sure you have an extra administrative account. the virus disabled

a user account and if I didn't also have an administrator account we wouldn't have been able to download the necessary files without a second computer.

The virus only infected one account. It may come on an Adobe document so be sure to have the latest Adobe update.

Michelle Ress Felton, CA

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Monday, March 30, 2009

pre earthquake photo

I took this photo the day before the earthquake: